-genealogical studies-

Under the auspices of the German Democratic Forum - Timişoara branch will be published this
bilingual book [Romanian / German] containing studies on the life, achievements and family history
of some of the most representative Schwabs from Banat:

- Stephan Bohn [1833-1903] -- The "Brick King" from Banat
and his descendants, manufacturers Michael Bohn Sr. [1862-?],
Michael Bohn Jr. [1893-1925] & Jacob Muschong [1868-1923]
- Stefan Jäger [1877-1962] -- The Schwab Painter
- Peter Jung [1887-1966] -- Laureate Poet of Banat
- Joseph Kleitsch [1882-1931] -- Master of Gorgeous Color
- Johnny Weissmüller [1904-1984] -- Tarzan's True Story
- Josef Zauner [1895-1959] -- An European Visionary

Genealogical Sketches on:
- Dr. Karl August Diel [1855-1930] -- Banat's Biggest Doctor
- Nikolaus Lenau [1802-1850] -- The Poet
- Lorenz von Schlauch [1824-1902] -- Roman Catholic Bishop

Each study will contain also the complete Family Tree up to the first colonist coming in Banat in all the lines.
Any descendants of the above [or any other person having interesting info!] are encouraged to

contact the author for clarifications and contributions.